15 November 2013

The American Flag
The American flag is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world today. It has it's own history and countless tales of what it has been thru including the song it inspired that ultimately became our anthem The Star Spangled Banner. It stands for respect, honor, sacrifice, and a deeply rooted sense of pride that has come from hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. But most Americans would be disturbed to discover that 94% of all flags are made in China and Imported.

The last thing that should be an imported product should be the symbol of what we stand for. Just thinking about the reality that finding a flag made on American soil is so challenging to find.  Something that stands for so much and represents the heart and soul of what we as Americans  stand for should also contribute to help Americans stay employed. Why would we take the ability to work hard and care for our families from our own citizens?

Ask any American what the flag means to them, and you will find that they take the flag, and it's meaning very seriously. Ask a Veteran or their family what it means, and notice how emotion swells up. The statement that “all gave some, and some gave all” represents what it really stands for as well as a small glimpse into the sacrifice and pride that goes into it.

The American flag stands for loyalty and patriotism that any American would be more than willing to give their lives for. It's time to reclaim the symbol that stands for pride, respect, patriotism, and honor, and start bringing made in the USA American flags back to our soil and provide work for those people.